Merchant account holders need all the help they can get in ensuring that their transactions are as smooth as possible. It is even more crucial for high risk merchants to have their accounts handled well to avoid them being declined or even terminated due to suspicion of fraud or other underlying reasons. Most times, when these accounts are managed well the risk of termination is lowered thus giving customers a chance to get involved in various online transactions without any fear.

Nevertheless, if your account has been terminated for one reason or another, we are able to assist you in getting a replacement. We have put up a management system that allows our customers to get the best out of the services that we offer. The system has been customized to meet the needs of our customers who are usually high risk merchants and those that have had their accounts terminated. In most cases, the system helps customers to be able to get as much information as possible on how to run their merchant accounts effectively whether it is high risk or a replacement of a preciously terminated one.

Some of the main features of the customer management system include:

  • Ease of use – We have developed the system with our users in mind by making its functionalities as easy to use as possible. The system can be used by those that have been using merchant accounts for years and those just starting out. Most times, users will find the system to be a time saver as well whenever they need help in using their merchant accounts in one way or another.

  • Customer tracker – Helps keep track of customers that have been interacting with the merchant account holder to ensure that they are genuine in their transactions. Our system ensures that the online transactions done through the merchant account are up to standard to avoid any risk of termination.

  • Better account management – Online users that have more than one merchant account reduce the risk of them getting terminated especially if they are high risk, while using this system. The customer management system makes it easy to handle the different accounts on their end as well as on our end resulting in better interaction during online transactions. In most cases, proper account management through such a system results in better sales and reduced risk of having an account terminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TMF or Terminated Merchant File? MF or terminated merchant file refers to a list of merchants whose accounts have been terminated for a reason. TMF does not exist but the term is still used commonly in reference to MATCH file.View More

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