Making a profit is the focus of a majority of merchants that sell their products or services online to a variety of customers. Most times, the motivation to sell as much as possible is so that they can earn a lot through the accounts they have set up online. However, there are some processers that set a limit as to how many sales can be placed in a merchant account that they host on their site. In most cases, these limits discourage some merchants from driving up their sales as they would have wished.

Fortunately, there is a possibility of getting a merchant account that does not set such limits thus enabling merchants to make as much profit as possible. These accounts that accept high volumes are usually maintained in partnership with banks that are willing to work with such business people. We are aware of the cautious mindset that some banks have when working with accounts that have high volumes and therefore go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best services possible.

High risk merchant accounts are usually given monthly caps by banks that allow them to transact so that they are able to push sales up to the agreed amount. These accounts can be held in banks in the local area or home country but sometimes foreign banks are more flexible thereby providing alternative options for such account holders. Some foreign banks are not very strict in placing volume caps thus making them a good choice for business people that run big businesses. The setting up of such accounts can be done in as little as a day or two through our facilitation as an agent and knowledge of internal information.

Although most merchants set up high volume accounts to ease the processes involved in online transactions, there are other benefits attached to such accounts such as getting technical support whenever it is needed. Customer service is usually available 24/7 to ensure that every inquiry is attended to within the shortest time possible. Also, these accounts allow processing of payments to be done in real time, whether in local or foreign currency. In addition to this multiprocessing of currency, merchant account holders that transact in high volumes also get tax benefits which go a long way in saving them money. Finally, high volume account holders have access to reports that they can view online and help keep track of transactions thus minimizing the chance of fraudulent activity.

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What is TMF or Terminated Merchant File? MF or terminated merchant file refers to a list of merchants whose accounts have been terminated for a reason. TMF does not exist but the term is still used commonly in reference to MATCH file.View More

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