Payment Solutions

A business needs to have payment solutions that are fast, efficient and reliable. Payment solutions provide a business with product portfolio to grow and serve your customers better. Whether your business industry is non-profit, charity, professional services, hospitality, restaurant, B2B, retail or e-commerce, it should have a payment service provider that manages your transactions in a safe manner. The payment systems should allow for safe and quick payment processes, operations streamlining, profit maximization and increased productivity.

The payment system needs to include solutions such as loyalty and gift cards, debit and credit cards, EBT, Check21, and ACH amongst others. Partnering with any of the payment processing companies should decrease your costs, generate revenue, increase productivity and subsequently grow your enterprise.

Debit and Credit card processing

The ability for a business to have all its debt and credit cards processed is critical for its survival. The payment processing you select for your business should offer comprehensive solutions and processing products for credit cards which can process Discover, American Express, Master Card, Visa, and more.

Debit that is Pin based

The payments company should accept debit cards that are pin-based as a credit cards alternative. Transmitting via the network of debit cards implies lower transaction costs and higher security.

Check Services

Processing of paper check can be labor intensive and costly and some businesses opt to avoid it. The payments company you opt for should allow for check processing that is of high quality. It should also offer check services that help you manage your business liability as well as the sales.

Online Gateway

The payments service should provide for an online gateway that will allow your business to operate across the globe.  The online gateway should be simplified and preferably with no code or software to install thus enabling completion of transactions from an internet connected computer.


Re-current billing

This will allow your business to enhance customer loyalty and service as well as reduce human error.

Loyalty and Gift Cards

Loyalty and gift cards allow your business to motivate repeat business and customers as well as increase revenue.

Cash Advance

The payment solutions company you enlist with should enable you access cash in advance when you need it. This will enable you to secure for your business, immediate working capital.

POS equipment

The payments company needs to have networking options and a full range of POS .The company should equip your business with software and hardware products, or alternatively, reprogram your businesses’ existing equipment in a quick and easy manner.


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